Intensive Care Nursing
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This unit of study explores advanced assessment and management of patients requiring intensive care nursing. Topics explored in this unit of study include multi-organ dysfunction syndrome, infection control issues in intensive care, advanced concepts in haemodynamic monitoring, further exploration of mechanical ventilation principles and advanced strategies, advanced cardiac management, management of major trauma and renal replacement therapies.

Intensive Care Nursing
Unit of study code 070
Availability Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing

GC single unit of study (single unit of study only available for graduates of Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing or equivalent)

Pre-requisite Single unit of study only available for graduates of Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing or equivalent
Credit points 6
Hours of study 150
Fee* Tier 1
Prescribed texts Nil
Co-ordinated by Maria Baric MACN
Content Intended learning outcomes for this subject/program


After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks
Type of assessment

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(% of total marks)

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Theme 1: Multi organ dysfunction syndrome a) explain the pathophysiology of multi organ dysfunction  and discuss contemporary nursing management strategies Assessment 1: Online discussions  x2 10% 3, 10
Theme 2: Mechanical ventilation b) examine the principles of mechanical ventilation and analyse appropriate strategies available for critically ill patients Assessment 2: Case analysis (2,000 words) 40% 5
Theme 3: Advanced concepts in invasive monitoring c) critically analyse monitoring techniques used in critical care and interpret the results to determine optimal patient outcomes Assessment 3: Case analysis (2,500 words) 50% 9
Theme 4: Infection prevention and control d) integrate knowledge of infection control principles and practice in the management of critically ill patients
Theme 5: Advanced cardiac management e) discuss the principles and management strategies of the patient with cardiac supportive devices by integrating current evidence based practice
Theme 6: Extra corporeal support f) evaluate the use of extra corporeal support therapies by critiquing current literature
Theme 7: Management of major trauma g) analyse the intensive care nursing management of patients with major systems injury or trauma
Theme 8: Transfer of the critically ill h) examine the principles of transport of the critically ill patient in relation to current literature.

Intensive Care Nursing (070) is a Tier 1 unit.

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