The public and health professionals have raised concerns about unsafe and unethical practices in clinics providing cosmetic procedures. In some cases, this has prompted the issue of public warnings. With nurses both working in clinics that provide cosmetic procedures as well as delivering cosmetic procedures, the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is supporting steps to promote public protection in the sector.


ACN, in collaboration with the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, has developed an Information Sheet on ‘Administering cosmetic treatment and cosmetic procedures’ to remind nurses of their professional obligations in any practice setting providing cosmetic services. This Information Sheet can be viewed here.


The Information Sheet spotlights the regulatory safeguards in place to promote safe nursing practice in the provision of cosmetic procedures. It is also a timely reminder to nurses working in the sector that they must be appropriately qualified and working within their scope of practice within the bounds of relevant laws and regulations. Importantly, ACN reinforces with nurses their professional responsibilities and those of their service providers, such as clinical governance arrangements, infection prevention and control and emergency procedures.


To better protect the public, the Information Sheet reminds nurses of the required standards within clinics providing cosmetic services highlighting a range of critical issues nurses must be aware of and comply with to promote their safe and ethical practice.


  1. Safety whenever in the office, school or hospital is always a must. The safety of a person undergoing some surgery is the best way to prove clients or patient that they can trust such medical institutions and doctors.

  2. The regulation of the cosmetic industry and the cosmetic courses offered by various cosmetic training institutes is the very important topic. It should be taken seriously and authorities should take serious steps to address the issues that are faced by people due to not so proper regulation of the industry.

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