Our favourite day of the year, International Nurses Day (IND) is fast-approaching! The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has announced that the theme for this year’s IND, 12 May, is Nurses: A Voice to Lead, Health is Human Right. But what does this theme mean for nurses, and how can we get involved?


Health is Human Right refers to the disparity in health equality across the world, as numerous individuals and communities suffer from illnesses that could be treated or prevented with better access to health care, health education and the privilege to live in hygienic, safe environments.


This theme also applies to nurses, who need positive and high-functioning work environments to ensure that they can provide the best patient care. ICN add that the right to be heard and have voice in decision making is also vital for nurses to contribute to improving health internationally.


As a profession, we have the ability to come together on one topic and hone our focus to improve health care globally. In their resource kit, which was launched at the Nursing Now campaign launch in February this year, ICN state that “this broad focus enables nurses to understand the philosophical basis of all of our practice, whether that is in health promotion, illness or trauma prevention, or in acute and chronic treatment.” Essentially, we have a role in improving the community’s health.


“In 2018 it is now time to stand together and speak as one. We must speak louder. We need to speak clearer. With the resources that we currently have available to us, it is no longer acceptable to deny any human the right to health care. Make 2018 your year to be a voice to lead for health is a human right,” ICN also said.


ACN supports these inspiring messages from ICN – we believe that nurses have a significant role to play in positively transforming health care. We celebrate IND every year on 12 May with the ACN National Nurses Breakfast. Join us this year by getting together and hosting an event –  if you register here, we’ll send you out a hosting kit to get you started.


Let’s all come together to celebrate this wonderful profession, the nurses we know and love – and to reflect on how nurses can contribute to global health equality.


Read the International Council of Nurses’ IND Resource Kit now.

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