“The tutor (Diva Madan) was prompt in replies and helped me in understand the learning topic, engagement from other students made the journey and topic of studies very interesting.”

Student 02 in GC Aged Care

“Diva Madan is a fantastic teacher, so supportive and her guidance invaluable.”

Student 01 in GC Aged Care

“I am overwhelmed by the amazing resources and linked articles, videos and tutorials that my tutor provided. The unit was well outlined, and clarification was always given when needed. Thank you for a fun and insightful term.”

Student 03 in GC Cancer Nursing

“This unit exceeded my expectations, it is extremely well-planned with engaging materials. What impressed me the most about this unit is the interesting case studies used, the variety of assessments, including a concept map and the timely support and feedback offered by my tutor, has been amazing.”

Student 02 in GC Cancer Nursing

“The subject coordinator is very responsive to emails and always happy to answer questions.”

(on 207 Neonatal Special Care)

Student 06 in GC Neonatal care

“Great support from the subject coordinator!”

(on 071 Applied Neonatal Physiology)

Student 05 in GC Neonatal care

“I found that I was well supported throughout this unit, the subject coordinator did a wonderful job supporting us all. I enjoyed the subject. Thank you.”

(on 071 Applied Neonatal Physiology)

Student 04 in GC Neonatal care

“I found the content very interesting and enjoyable to learn.”

(on 071 Applied Neonatal Physiology)

Student 03 in GC Neonatal care

“This PEC program has given us as EEN more opportunity to learn and enhance our knowledge and skills.”

Graduate Student 17 in PEC EN

“Excellent course greatly improved my clinical knowledge and understanding. Would definitely recommend to Enrolled Nurses wanting to expand their knowledge.”

Graduate Student 16 in PEC EN