“[The best aspect of the course was] the visits to other hospitals to see how other stomal therapists are working. To look at new studies and being up to date.”

Graduate Student 03 in Stomal Therapy

“Staff were easily contactable and replies to queries were prompt. Administration staff were experienced and met my needs with a minimum of fuss. Resources were easily accessible and learning needs were forecast well.”

Graduate Student 02 in Stomal Therapy

“The flexibility of 24/7 access to learning and assessment activities is fantastic. Online feedback from tutors was prompt. Clinical placement was organised extremely well and guidelines for mentors/facilitators was clear.”

Graduate Student 01 in Stomal Therapy

“[The course] enhanced my ability to develop analytical skills and incorporates evidence based practice to clinical situations.”

Graduate Student 01 in Perioperative Nursing

“Timely response from my [course coordinator] Ashley Page and the option to have a phone conversation rather than just emails is greatly appreciated.”

Student 01 in GC Leadership and Management

“Having the flexibility of online learning gave me the direction to pave the pathway for my own learning journey. Feedback on assessments were clear and provided useful information to improve. The relevance of the course content was inspiring and allowed me to put theory into practice.”

Graduate Student 02 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“The support from Sue Mapletoft was great. The course was wonderful. Learnt great things that will help me in my future career as a Child and Family Health Nurse. Thank you.”

Graduate Student 01 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“Everything was awesome! PS. Having the graduation ceremony was a memorable experience. It was good to connect to people who you interact with online and put a face to the names you encounter.”

Graduate Student 06 in Paediatric Nursing Studies

“The feedback I received from my tutors and those who assessed my work was helpful. Affirmation and comment in equal parts was an important blend in keeping me motivated through the course and special mention must be given to both Fran Stoddart and Danielle in the library without whom I wouldn’t have finished the year. Thank you all for developing these resources to equip and motivate those who may not have easy access to advanced paediatric knowledge acquisition.”

Graduate Student 05 in Paediatric Nursing Studies

“The forums helped me gain insights on other nurses’ experiences and expertise. It also helped me engage with the other students and developed my network.”

Graduate Student 04 in Paediatric Nursing Studies