“The presenters delivered information that was evidence-based, well-rounded and full of passion for the profession!”

MCNLP Participant 05

“Being surrounded by like-minded people was motivating and inspiring! I learnt so much from other attendees as everyone had an opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts. It was very encouraging and positive.”

MCNLP Participant 04

“As a result of commencing this program, I have a better understanding of HOW I can influence change as a nurse in regional Australia.”

MCNLP Participant 03

“This program has introduced me to new people, new ways of thinking and new ways of understanding myself, the profession and the extent of influence we can have as nurses on health care delivery.”

MCNLP Participant 02

“For any nurse who wishes to be the next generation of influential leaders I would recommend them to undertake the ACN Mid-Career Nurse Leadership Program. Be prepared to be challenged, motivated and inspired by our current leaders but also your fellow participant colleagues.”

MCNLP Participant 01

“These events always leave me motivated to do better tomorrow. They re-energise me professionally. The more nurses we can get to the events and into the college the better.”
– Brisbane 2022 Roadshow guest

Roadshow Guest 03

“This was an excellent event and I left feeling very inspired and passionate about our profession.”
– Hobart 2022 Roadshow guest

Roadshow Guest 02

“The Roadshow is a great opportunity to hear about issues and potential solutions for our profession, and to network with colleagues.”
– Hobart 2022 Roadshow guest

Roadshow Guest 01

“Great unit! very applicable to clinical practice. I gained much needed insight and will be able to implement what I have learnt in my workplace.”

Graduate Student 06 in Acute Care

“This type of learning is very ideal and suitable for people like me, who has a full-time job and who would want to pursue a higher degree of knowledge in line with my field of work.”

Graduate Student 04 in Acute Care