“The Roadshow is a great opportunity to hear about issues and potential solutions for our profession, and to network with colleagues.”
– Hobart 2022 Roadshow guest

Roadshow Guest 01

“Great unit! very applicable to clinical practice. I gained much needed insight and will be able to implement what I have learnt in my workplace.”

Graduate Student 06 in Acute Care

“Thank you very much for this unit. I gained more knowledge about pain. Thanks to unit coordinator -Ms Sinu Thomas. She is very supportive and can be contacted easily. Thank you.”

Graduate Student 05 in Acute Care

“This type of learning is very ideal and suitable for people like me, who has a full-time job and who would want to pursue a higher degree of knowledge in line with my field of work.”

Graduate Student 04 in Acute Care

“The unit helped analyse my nursing practice and think about the interventions that I do and the reasoning behind them. I think it was well thought out and delivered.”

Graduate Student 03 in Acute Care

“Unit 055 has been extremely relevant to my clinical practice. I have been able to apply theory to practice, maintaining evidence best practice. I hope to use what I have learnt from this course to progress further in my studies and help improve health outcomes for older adults. The tutor was supportive and provided useful feedback to help improve my academic writing.”

Student 11 in GC Aged Care

“Thank you Diva and team for an informative and valuable learning experience.”

Student 10 in GC Aged Care

“I have enjoyed this unit (055) and Diva is a great tutor/facilitator.”

Student 09 in GC Aged Care

“My RN’s who have done the program are excelling in their role, so I am a huge advocate for it.
– Estia Healthcare, Executive Director (QLD)

Student 03 in Aged Care Transition to Practice

“The ‘Clinical issues in care of older person’ unit was well designed, it is relevant to current aged care practise. In depth information about care needs and how the care needs can be met. Very informative, the assessment made me think and reflect about my current practise.”

Student 08 in GC Aged Care