“Thanks very much Diva and David. You are both very helpful and supportive tutors! Tutors from other institutions I have studied with are not as supportive and prompt with replies and feedback. Very much appreciated, thank you.”

Student 07 in GC Aged Care

“Our Tutor was incredibly present during the unit and responded quickly to messages and in the forum. The unit was very interesting and engaging. I really enjoyed this unit.”

Graduate Student 08 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“I appreciated the help I received from my Tutor. She was easy to get in touch with. When I was unable to reach her, she always got back to me within the hour. I am very grateful, and I have learned a lot. Thank you.”

Graduate Student 07 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“I was scared when I read the unit outline on day one and nearly quit. But my Tutor was approachable and helpful. All her little videos at the start assisted my learning.”

Graduate Student 06 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“The Tutor was so helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly when I needed to reach out. Child development was a well-facilitated unit. I am very thankful for the dedication our Tutor has shown in her work. This course was interesting and enjoyable. All content learned was very helpful towards my current position in Child Health.”

Graduate Student 05 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“I thoroughly enjoyed this unit. The content was what I was looking for from this course. I cannot thank my Tutor enough for the support given to us throughout. Her input gave me the confidence to complete the assessments, and I obtained my best marks so far!”

Graduate Student 04 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“I found the subject coordinator very easy to approachable and acceptable. Very easy to communicate with and very helpful. Thank you for all your help.”

Graduate Student 03 in Child and Family Health Nursing

“I have really enjoyed this learning experience. My learning has been invaluable to assist me in my current role and from this course I feel confident that my understanding of Palliative Care has been enhanced so that I will be able to provide, deliver and advocate for the principle of palliative care nursing within my work place. Thank you for this excellent learning experience.”

Student 03 in GC Palliative Care

“Good course content, relevant to practice.”

Student 02 in GC Palliative Care

“Ashley is a fantastic course co-ordinator and able to help students anytime.”

Student 06 in GC Leadership and Management