“Having not attended any online study before I did find the course challenging, but interesting. To complete each of the assessments I had to be very organized time wise to complete the tasks as required.”

Graduate Student 08 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“I found the course to be very thorough, with excellent support and resource material available.”

Graduate Student 07 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“Regardless of your location the course was delivered to suit the needs of each state listed, it has been challenging however very rewarding. The forum provides a great platform to discuss the course content with fellow students and tutor.”

Graduate Student 06 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“This course has been highly relevant to my practice and well worthwhile completing.”

Graduate Student 05 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course despite the heavy workload – an assignment per week is a tall order when already working. Logical order, well written information and I enjoyed each assignment and found them a great way to consolidate the information.”

Graduate Student 04 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“I went from feeling very over whelmed at the start to actually really enjoying the course.”

Graduate Student 03 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“I thought this course was very well designed and structured, I was actually really impressed with the content. Very interesting and relevant.”

Graduate Student 02 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“I have learnt so much from this course, and will highly recommend this course to my friends and colleagues. It is a heavy 10 weeks course, but I truly enjoyed it, especially learning all vaccines and catch up schedule. The website is easy to use, the course schedule and assessment is very easy to read and clear. Tutor or course coordinator of this course are contactable and approachable. Communication via messaging or phone call is easy. Thank you so much for the learning opportunity.”

Graduate Student 01 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“This course has boosted my confidence and competence to provide nursing care that is timely and appropriate to the patient. It has stimulated me to think of integrating evidence-based practice protocols, in the clinical setting, (i.e. use of guidelines, research findings etc).”

Graduate Student 11 in PEC RN

“As a midwife this course has helped me to assess my deteriorating patients and implement swift emergency measures with increased confidence and competence.”

Graduate Student 10 in PEC RN