Leadership and professional practice
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The purpose of this unit of study is to explore the professional role of nurses and midwives as well as providing opportunities to develop your clinical practice and enhance competency. Students will gain an understanding of advanced nursing practice within the context of contemporary nursing and examine the role of leadership, reflection, quality, research, evidence based practice and the professional development of self and others. By undertaking this unit of study you will develop your clinical skills through an analysis of best practice principles to help you develop your clinical decision-making skills to better manage the needs of clients and their families.



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After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks
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Theme 1: Introduction to leadership & professional practice a) examine the professional considerations which influence delivery of care in the contemporary healthcare system Assessment 1: Online discussions x2 10% 3, 8
Theme 2: Thinking, teaching and learning b) explore the qualities of effective leadership in professional practice Assessment 2: Essay (2,000 words) 40% 5
Theme 3: Ethical, legal and cultural considerations in specialist nursing practice c) integrate current thinking, teaching and learning, to enhance capability for practice Assessment 3: Reflective Essay (2,000 words) 40% 9
Theme 4: Introduction to research and inquiry d) explore legal, ethical and cultural concepts that impact upon nursing practice Assessment 4: Quiz 10% 10
e) critique contemporary research and benchmark practice against evidence based recommendations.

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