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Enrolled Nurses

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CPD, CPD: online course, Members CPD offer

This module, consisting of two sections, has been designed for both Enrolled and Registered Nurses to revise key aspects when performing a neurological assessment.

The module will provide you with the combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and abilities that underpin...

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CPD: recorded webcast/webinar

Registered nurses play a pivotal role in assessing and managing patient's pain in all health care domains.

This webcast on Pain management will help you implement evidence-based practice in your clinical specialty.

This one-hour webcast aims to empower nurses to take responsibility...

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CPD, CPD: short course

About the CPD short course

This short course is conducted over two days and is equivalent to 14 continuing professional development (CPD) hours. Please note that the program is subject to change.

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