The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) would like to acknowledge the expertise and contribution of the many nurses involved in the largest live kidney donation and transplant swap, that took place across four major hospitals in Melbourne last Thursday 22 May.

The nurses involved have been fundamental in the delivery of such a remarkable medical marathon; which if successful, will relieve six people of ongoing dialysis treatment. Kathleen McLaughlin, ACN Executive Manager, said that nurses have been with these individuals every step of the way.

“From the initial counselling sessions for each of the organ recipients and donors, through to the surgery and the post surgery recovery and care, nurses have played a significant role in preparing each of these individuals for this major life-changing event,” said Ms McLaughlin.

Thursday’s medical milestone highlights the importance of an integrated health care system, supported by a range of health professions working together. Australia has recognised the need for strong interdisciplinary teams to deliver health care, and continues to build strong communication pathways across health professions and health services to ensure patients are provided a strong continuum of care.

ACN looks forward to hearing of the positive outcomes for each of the donors and recipients.