In this blog series, Out and about with our ENLs, participants of ACN’s Emerging Nurse Leader program share their stories. Today you’ll read how the journey is shaping out for Jemma Poxom MACN, Stage 5 ENL.


When I heard there was a program for emerging nurse leaders I jumped at the opportunity to apply. The main reason behind this leap was due to the lack of courses I found in supporting and excelling team leaders. I have experience being in charge, both here within Australia and the United Kingdom.


The program to date has enabled me to excel within my workplace by empowering me to become a well-known, recognised nurse-in-charge within the ward and hospital. I continue to strive to help out colleagues on shift and get involved in situations that need to be fixed to ultimately make our time of shift more enjoyable, manageable and safe for all.


During the program, I have been fortunate to join the New South Wales ACN Region and will be shortly undertaking a presentation about the ENL program in Sydney at a hospital where I will share my experiences and encourage others to consider applying.  I also intend to hit the universities about this program so that new grads can get on board and know about the Australian College of Nursing early on in their nursing careers.


In addition to this, I have also had the opportunity to contact many communities of interest (COIs) along the way that I would like to support and join.


neo has been a great platform for me, I have been able to communicate with nurses all over Australia to collaborate thoughts, ideas and discussions all in one place and at time of day or night.


Recently, I hosted a National Nurses breakfast celebration for International Nurses Day within my workplace, which was a huge success. I supplied a range of food for the nurses and doctors to enjoy. This enabled me to promote the workplace and encourage nurses to get together and celebrate what we do best.


As part of the benefits of being in the ENL program, I have the opportunity to attend the ACN National Nursing Forum being held at the Gold Coast to hear presenters on today’s nursing issues and to meet with many more striving emerging nurse leaders.

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