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Primary Health Nursing
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Primary health care encompasses many diverse areas of practice for nurses – for example community nursing, occupational health, general practice and community outreach programs. This unit of study will examine the nurses’ role in primary health care through exploring the students’ application of the social determinants of health in the context of the community use and social and government policy responses. Collaborative models, stakeholder participation and health promotion activities are explored. This unit of study explores the professional issues that impact on the primary health nurse, the use of information management and the provision of clinical care using evidence based guidelines and frameworks.

Primary Health Nursing
Unit of study code 265
Availability Graduate Certificate in Community and Primary Health Care Nursing

GC single unit of study

Pre-requisite N/A
Credit points 6
Hours of study 150
Fee* Tier 2
Prescribed texts Keleher, H & McDougall, C 2016, Understanding health, 4th edn, Oxford University press, South Melbourne, VIC.
Co-ordinated by Kataryna Terry
Content Intended learning outcomes for this subject/program

After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks
Type of assessment

Note the completed assessment item (e.g. Assessment 1: Online discussion)


(% of total marks)

When assessed – academic week

(e.g. Week 8)

Theme 1: What is primary health care? a) discuss the impact of culture and the determinants of health on individual and population health Assessment 1: Online discussions x2 10% 1, 5
Theme 2: Determinants of health and health services b) analyse the principles, policies and models that underpin primary health care and health promotion Assessment 2: Short answer essay 10% 4
Theme 3: Health policy and services c) examine the role of the primary health nurse and the multidisciplinary team in illness prevention and chronic disease management Assessment 3: Essay 30% 6
Theme 4: Health promotion principles d) develop evidence-based health promotion programs and interventions using a primary health care approach Assessment 4: Case analysis 50% 10
Theme 5: Illness prevention and health promotion e) appraise research and best practice guidelines relating to primary health care to inform nursing practice
Theme 6: Primary health care and chronic illness f)  define strategies for improving stakeholder involvement in primary health care planning, coordination, and management

Primary Health Nursing (265) is a Tier 2 unit.

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