This unit of study is designed for registered nurses as an introduction to quality management. The promotion and maintenance of quality is vital to all aspects of health care. Specific emphasis is given to the difficulties in managing quality in the Australian health care environment and to the variety of methods and practices that can be used in quality management. The unit of study focuses on improving the student’s ability to initiate and manage creative and appropriate interdisciplinary, organisation-wide quality in action processes.

Unit of study code 284
Availability Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management

Graduate Certificate in Community and Primary Health Care Nursing

PG unit of study

Pre-requisite N/A
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Co-ordinated by: Ashley Page MACN



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Theme 1: Quality and clinical governance in health care


a) Investigate clinical governance and quality management systems Assessment 1 Online discussions x 2 10% 4,7
Theme 2: Starting a quality improvement plan with consumers and teams b) Analyse the use of evidence based practice and measureable quality outcomes Assessment 2 Essay (2000 words) 40% 5
Theme 3: Collecting, analysing and presenting data


c) Demonstrate the application of appropriate quality management tools in the clinical setting Assessment 3 Quality improvement plan and report (Essay) (2500 words) 50% 10
Theme 4: Planning and implementing change d) Examine the principles of groups and teamwork
Theme 5: Monitoring and evaluating the change and groups e) Evaluate the application of theories of change and negotiation.
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