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About neo

Nursing Engagement Online, in short neo, is the digital home of the ACN tribe.

No matter where you are located or what shifts you are working neo allows you to connect with your tribe anytime, anywhere.

Through neo you can:

  • build a profile to create a name for yourself within the profession and enable others to reach out to you
  • engage in discussions relevant to your Region or Community of Interest (COI)
  • create a network of contacts and message members you are connected with
  • share your views and experience to help ACN represent our profession and make our voice heard.

How to use neo

We have put together a quick tutorial to run you through the basics of neo. The short video will teach you how to set up your profile, change your email preferences, connect with other members and create and reply to discussions.

If you have any other questions about neo just get in touch with us on 1800 061 660 or at