ACN is committed to representing the knowledge and expertise of our Members in policy development throughout the Australian health and aged care system. In this series we want to share what ACN is doing in the policy space with our Members and followers and how your contributions shape our messages to the many consultations that we get involved in.

In March 2018, the Migrant and Refugee Women’s Health Partnership (the Partnership) drafted a framework to establish culturally responsive competency standards for clinicians across all health care settings.

The Partnership sought feedback from stakeholders to prepare a comprehensive, consistent and flexible suite of competency standards for clinicians working with migrants and refugees.

ACN Members had a keen interest in the consultation, providing extensive feedback and helping inform ACN’s positions. A summary of ACN’s response is listed below:

  • All migrants and refugees should receive quality holistic health care that addresses their physical and mental health needs, and which includes health promotion and illness prevention.
  • Nurses can make a significant contribution to the health rights of migrants and refugees, particularly around access to health services.
  • Nurses should actively provide respectful, culturally-sensitive, and dignified care; acknowledge and address the physical, psychosocial, and social needs and challenges of migrants and refugees; and engage in research to promote better outcomes for these people, communities and groups.

ACN is committed to bringing together health professionals and community representatives to address the systemic barriers to access in care associated with cultural and linguistic diversity. ACN seeks to strengthen health-promoting assets in communities, recognising that improvements in the health and health literacy of migrants and refugees can have a direct positive impact on family care and community.

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