Podcasts are a great way to pass time, make you think outside your bubble, learn something new on your commute or even provide some entertainment while you complete household chores. Below are our tips for some great podcasts to listen to, which are especially relevant if you are in nursing or health care.


  1. Ausmed Handover Podcast 

Hosted by nurse, academic and media professional, Darren Wake, this podcast explores a number of fascinating topics close to nursing, such as bullying, end-of-life care and nursing graduate programs, to name few. Listen in if you like to think about your profession on a deeper level and hear from a range of interesting experts.

Episode of note: Ten Ordinary Nurses who were Simply… Extraordinary! 


  1. Let’s Talk Rural Mental Health

This podcast series is hosted by journalist Kia Handley all about mental health in rural and regional Australia. In the 10–15 minute episodes, you’ll hear from people who have battled with their mental health, who have been through tragedy and have come out of the other side and also from some of the people who have helped them on their journey.

Episode of note: Mentally Healthy Workplaces


  1. The Thing About Cancer 

In this podcast, produced by Cancer Council NSW, host Julie McCrossin chats to a range of experts and people affected by cancer. The purpose is to explore a selection of topics on life with cancer. Each episode is 30–40 minutes long and includes reliable information and resources for people with a cancer diagnosis, their families, carers and health professionals.

Episode of note: Explaining Cancer to Kids


  1. Aged Care Insite podcasts 

Aged Care Insite regularly release aged care news through their website in both print articles and 5–10 minute podcasts. Catch up on breaking news and expert opinions on aged care by listening to these fascinating interviews and updates.

Episode of note: New dementia training targets doctors, practice nurses


  1. The Conversation Speaking with… 

This podcast is described as “ideas and analysis from the sharpest minds in the academic and research world”.

Unlike the rest of our list, this podcast is not restricted to health topics, however it often covers relevant subjects such as our ageing population, controlling infectious disease, ethics in genetics, technological advancement in medicine and more.

Episode of note: Speaking with: Dr Mark Blaskovich on antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the threat of superbugs


Have we missed a podcast you love? Let us know in the comments if you’ve listened to any of these, or fill us in on any other health or nursing-related podcasts that have sparked your interest.


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