In order to reflect and remember the stories of individual Australians on the Australian War Memorial’s (AWM) Honour Roll, the AWM holds daily Last Post Ceremonies, choosing one particular man or woman to commemorate each afternoon at 4.55pm.


The 2018 schedule for the Australian War Memorial Last Post Ceremonies includes seven Australian service nurses. ACN plans to attend each of the ceremonies, listed below, and lay a wreath on behalf of the nursing profession. Those who are in Canberra are invited to also attend, or alternatively you can view all of the Last Post Ceremonies, wherever you are, through the Australian War Memorial YouTube and Facebook live channels.


The 2018 services for nurses are:

26 March                  Sister Hilda Mary Knox


07 April                      Sister Kathleen Margaret Neuss


08 May                       Sister Caroline Mary Ennis


21 June                     Sister Alma May Beard


27 September           Staff Nurse Irene McPhail


31 October                Staff Nurse Amy Veda O’Grady


20 November            Sister Blodywn Elizabeth Williams


NOTE from AWM: The Memorial reserves the right to make changes to this schedule at any time. If you plan on attending a particular ceremony, please contact the Last Post Ceremony team before making arrangements to avoid disappointment.

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