Some of our ENLs at the ACN Nursing and Health Expo 2018

Are you an early-career nurse keen to make a difference to our profession? The Australian College of Nursing’s (ACN) Emerging Nurse Leader (ENL) program aims to empower nurses by nurturing and developing their leadership skills. All early-career nurses— from undergraduate students to nursing professionals in their sixth year of practice — are eligible to apply for the program. To motivate you to submit an application, we asked Luke, Madeline and Lucy — three ENLs from our last intake — to recount their favourite part of the program. We have correlated their responses to list three reasons to apply for our next ENL intake!

#1: Be active in implementing change

Stage Three ENL Luke Yokota outlined how the program allowed him to participate in initiatives and events which actively shaped the future of the Australian nursing profession.

“I have gained so much insight into the nursing profession while being a part of the ACN ENL program. This is my second year participating in the program and during this time I have:

  • Contributed to policy submitted to the Federal Government
  • Chaired the Men in Nursing Working Party
  • Attended the 2018 National Nursing Forum on the Gold Coast
  • Participated in projects within Communities of Interest such as Nursing Informatics
  • Been mentored by world class nurse leaders.

I would highly recommend the ENL program to anyone interested in applying.”

Luke Yokota MACN

The chance to network with nurse leaders and build a profile within the profession are lucrative drawcards of the ENL program.

#2: Receive career support from an experienced mentor

A key benefit of the program for Stage One ENL Madeline Lam was the guiding support of her mentor.

Madeline Lam MACN (Undergraduate)

“I was encouraged to apply for the ENL Program by my ACN Career Coach and I’m so glad that I did. In the few short months that I have been a part of the program, I’ve met so many inspiring nurses, from early-career to well-established. The highlight of the program has been working with my one-on-one mentor who I teleconference with fortnightly. We share ideas about the future of nursing, my own career pathway and building resilience as a new nurse. The ENL Program has made me so excited to start on this journey and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

All successful ENL applicants will have the chance to be mentored by experienced nursing professionals and have access to career coaching to further their personal and professional development.

#3: Become part of a community of like-minded nurse leaders

Stage Three ENL Lucy Osborn spoke about the life-long friends and connections she has made during her time in the ENL program.

“The ENL program just keeps on giving, I can boast for hours about my epic experiences and opportunities it has provided me. My favourite part is the friends and connections I have made with nurses all over the word. Because of this I have some of the most amazing learning experiences that are once in a lifetime episodes. I have created life-long friendships as well as strong professional relationships that will only increase as my career advances. I love this program as it is developing with us and it lets me thrive and strive for success.”

Lucy Osborn MACN

ENLs are provided access to exclusive ACN events and receive a complimentary full registration to attend our annual National Nursing Forum (NNF). Many ENLs list the NNF as a highlight of the program and there is no denying the electric atmosphere of being surrounded by so many inspirational nurse leaders.

Have the stories of Luke, Madeline and Lucy inspired you to apply for the ENL program? Lucky for you, applications for our next intake are now open! Head to to start your application today!

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