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ACN’s Policy team seeks opportunities to promote nursing and advocate for optimal community health outcomes by responding to consultations and inquiries conducted by Australian Government departments, federal and state parliaments and other organisations.

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ACN consultations

There are currently no consultations open.

Direct response consultations

The Department of Health is carrying out a consultation on the Pregnancy Care Guidelines to support Australian maternity services to provide high-quality, evidence-based antenatal care to healthy pregnant women.

This consultation is seeking feedback on the Clinical Practice Guidelines: Pregnancy Care, particularly:

  • Lifestyle considerations: Nutrition and physical activity
  • Clinical assessments: Weight and body mass index

The evidence on selected topics has been reviewed to make sure the recommendations are consistent with the latest evidence and pregnant women receive high quality, evidence-based antenatal care. You may see the Evidence Evaluation report and the detail of the consultation here.

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) encourages you to provide feedback on the Clinical Practice Guidelines: Pregnancy Care. Please send your submission to Maternity@health.gov.au by Friday 17 July 2020.