ACN is committed to fair academic decision-making. A student who is dissatisfied with an academic decision and believes that they meet eligible grounds for contesting a decision may apply for an academic appeal.

ACN strongly recommends that you read the E.1.13a ​Academic Appeal policy and procedure, which governs the ACN academic appeal process.

Making an appeal

An academic appeal must be made within twenty (20) working days of the notification decision date. An academic appeal may not proceed if the appeal is lodged outside of the twenty (20)-working day timeframe unless under extenuating circumstances. To seek approval to appeal outside of the 20-working days, please tick “Yes” to the question, “Are you applying for a late submission (outside of the 20-working day timeframe?)” in the form.

Students can appeal academic decisions that affect their academic progression within the award course and includes a decision:

  • about a final unit/ course grade*
  • about special consideration or special arrangements
  • relating to credit transfer (CT) or recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  • not to re-admit or re-enrol a student following exclusion
  • to remove a student from clinical placement
  • to exclude /withdraw a student from studying with ACN

*Please note: If you are inquiring abouts assessments such as requesting a review of grade, re-marking or extension of the assessment due date, contact your course coordinator directly. Academic appeals only apply if you are unsatisfied with the final unit/ course grade.

Students must base their appeal on one or more of the eligible grounds outlined in the policy.

  • Students must provide documentary evidence at the time they file their appeal; your appeal may be declined if there is insufficient evidence.
  • If you need more space than the character limit provided, please attach additional page/s to the form and write ‘see attached’ in the relevant section.


For more advice on the appeals process or how to complete the form, please contact You can also contact your Union and/or employer association.


Information submitted as part of your appeal submission will be treated confidentially in accordance with the E.1.12 Student Privacy and Personal Information policy.

Academic appeal forms