Media Release - Australian College of Nursing

Australian nurses lead on developing principles to reduce emissions to help address climate change impact on health care

Led by a national community of interest and developed over a 12-month period, the Australian College of Nursing today launched its national Nursing Leadership in Emissions Reduction Guiding Principles. Chief Executive Officer Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward said “Climate change is the biggest threat facing our patients’ health globally, and as the largest health profession in…

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Cellular Therapies

This unit of study examines current and emerging cellular therapies. It provides students with an overview of the immune system, bone marrow function, cell sources and preparation for transplantation, before more explicitly exploring the short- and long-term care requirements of individuals receiving autologous, allogeneic and Chimeric antigen receptor T- cells (CAR-T) therapies.

Planning your career

As a nurse, you have skills that you are building on to lead and manage and the determination and ambition to succeed in your career. Knowing what is needed to build a prosperous and satisfying career though is completely objective. This means you will have to seriously consider what YOU will need to do to…

Discover your Leadership Style

Learning outcomes: Know yourself as a leader 5 leadership styles characteristics, advantages and disadvantages will be highlighted. Leadership behaviour As you review the different leadership styles you may relate to some and have that aha moment, or leaders may resonate with you. Then you can build on your self-awareness around your strengths and potential areas…