Nursing Trailblazers

Be recognised as a nurse trailblazer

The Hon. Greg Hunt MP, in conjunction with Australian College of Nursing, is launching the inaugural Health Minister’s Award for Nursing Trailblazers in 2019. This award is the first of its kind in Australia and acknowledges the vital role nurses play in transforming our country’s health and aged care system.

Nursing has the solutions to many of the problems that plague our health and aged care systems. This prestigious award will be bestowed upon a nurse who has demonstrated leadership to bring new thinking to a wide range of health care challenges.

Apply now for the award or nominate someone else.

Criteria for Trailblazers

  • Application demonstrates the innovative work of nurses and the holistic and integrated philosophy underlying nursing care.
  • The application demonstrates how an innovative intervention or model of care resolved a problem in the delivery of health care or an unmet health need of a population. There is a description of the problem, population served, the specific outcomes expected/desired and the implemented solution.
  • There is evidence of data that substantiates the success of the project including a description of clinical outcomes, financial outcomes and improved access to care. This could include clinical trials or other research that demonstrate the impact of the innovation.
  • There is evidence that the original work has been replicated or has the potential to be replicated in other settings.

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