“It is amazing how much I have learnt this year and feel more confident in my workplace.”

Nursing Student in Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Nursing

“Hi Diva.

Thank you for making my studies so much easier with your information, support, and understanding. This is my last subject for Breast Cancer Nursing and I have really enjoyed the course.”

Student 07 of Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing

“Dear Diva,
I just wanted to say thank you for your support and professionalism during my two subjects with you.
I have just my Haematology elective left!”

Student 01 in GC Cancer Nursing

“Diva is a great coordinator and always going the extra mile to help.”

(on 280 Continuum of Care in Breast Cancer Nursing)

Student 06 of Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing

“The course was excellent.”

Graduate student 16 in PEC RN

“I found the course informative.”

Graduate Student 15 in PEC RN

“Sinu was a great tutor, she would answer my emails immediately and offer support and feedback.”

Graduate Student 14 in PEC RN

“Thank you very good course and very useful to my job relevance.”

Graduate Student 13 in PEC RN

“I really enjoyed the case studies, they help consolidate learning.”

Graduate Student 12 in PEC RN

“Overall I loved this course. All the information needed was there if you were prepared to take the time to read all the resources provided prior to the start of the course; the course material encouraged lots of research and I found the recommended readings very informative.”

Graduate Student 14 in PEC EN