“The NUMLP was far more incredible than I expected. It was the blue ribbon of education and engagement. With a 5 day program fi lled with the creme de la creme of presenter and 23other amazing leaders with you it was electrifying. From venue to content I have already recommended this to many. The biggest takeaway was a very long list of self development and most importantly the self belief and worth whilst igniting my voice. Thank you seems inadequate so THANK YOU !!!!!!”

NUMLP Participant 06

“I have just spent a full week in the presence of greatness, from the host, to the speakers and without a doubt my fellow attendees. To have the chance to spend five days with like-minded people with the same passions, how lucky am I? I would recommend this to all those who love nursing, and are inspired to lead others into the future. Thank you ACN.”

NUMLP Participant 05

“My expectation was in a way different and I’m glad it was. I am an aspiring nurse unit manager and this program had given me a very good foundation to kick start my career progression. I would highly recommend the program to everyone, even to those who are well experienced. The knowledge and experience of presenters are second to none. The participants were highly engaged and respectful. Everyone in the room is a source of inspiration! Leadership may start at the beginning of our nursing career; with structured program and the right people to follow – the future of nursing leadership and management is bright.”

NUMLP Participant 04

“Participating in the NUMLP has been a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally. The programs comprehensive curriculum has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge in my role as NUM. The wealth of experience and knowledge and commitment to excellence was evident in every module and workshop. Throughout the program I was able to connect with fellow nursing professional from around the country providing me with a support system that I will able to turn to for guidance and advice. The Australian College of Nursing NUM Leadership program provides an outstanding opportunity nursing professionals to looking to take their career to the next level and make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.”

NUMLP Participant 03

“I’m very grateful to ACN for the opportunity to be a part of this inaugural leadership program. The team has exceeded all my expectations! Such a wonderful experience to learn from the prestigious and experienced leaders in the fi eld of nursing. Most especially to Kylie for guiding and motivating us to empower ourselves and unlock the gift of leadership we all have-to be confident and create a force for positive change! Face it til you make it! This experience has marked a great impact in my nursing career! Thank you very much!”

NUMLP Participant 02

“The Australian College of Nursing NUM Leadership Program was everything and more than I expected. Productive, interactive, challenging, inspiring, energetic. High calibre speakers delivered informative, engaging and entertaining presentations. The skills and strategies I have learnt during this program are invaluable to my current role, career progression and guide my part in promoting the profession of nursing. With participants from many states and territories of Australia, the opportunity to network and form connections was fantastic- we started as colleagues and left as friends. Thank you ACN for demonstrating and promoting transformational leadership through this program- you are truly shaping healthcare and advancing nursing.”

NUMLP Participant 01

“I am an allied health practitioner working in rural NSW in a position that provides care coordination for people with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. There is no allied health post graduate education or specific guidelines for how to achieve expert knowledge in Parkinson’s in order to provide best practice care for this clinical population. I first approached the Australian College of Nursing about their Parkinson’s Care course in 2022 as I hoped that completion of the course would be a foundation of knowledge to build on and to ensure best practice care for people with Parkinson’s.

The assessments encourage research and exploration into Parkinson’s and content of the course was easily adaptable to the skills and experience of an allied health clinician. It covered the pathophysiology of the disease, assessment of Parkinson’s symptoms, best practice treatment and care involving the multidisciplinary team and the unique challenges of the person entering the palliative stages of the disease.

I have noted that I have been able to incorporate what I have learned from the course into my work, and my confidence has grown. The course would be very suitable for any allied health clinician who is interested in having a deeper understanding of Parkinson’s care.”

Student 12 in GC Aged Care

“The Nurse Executive Leadership Program – enlightening, challenging, invigorating, inspiring. This program exceeded all of my expectations. I have been privileged to meet the most inspiring and passionate nurse leaders from around the country. The openness, integrity and passion to impart knowledge and instil the importance of the nursing profession was truly amazing.

I have developed lifelong professional networks with other aspiring nurse executive leaders from around the country. The ability to forge ongoing professional relationships in the form of the mentor program is exciting and I can’t wait to see what this brings in the future. The program has reinforced the importance of the collective nursing voice and has begun to shape my path to influence change.

Thank you to the Nurse Executives for investing their time and to the amazing staff at the Australian College of Nursing for facilitating such a high-quality program.”

Participant 04 in Nurse Executive Leadership Program

“This was a fantastic opportunity to step away from the operational and spend some time on myself in order to be present with my team. The course really challenged me to think about many issues and how I could use that information to improve. I really enjoyed the presenter’s wisdom and knowledge they so freely shared with the group. It was so energising and a fabulous was to connect and network with nurses across the country.”

Participant 03 in Nurse Executive Leadership Program

“This program was more than I ever expected. I would almost say it was life changing. Somehow, I have been reset with now having a totally different view on my work and personal life. I would absolutely recommend it! Biggest take home – be proud, be strong and make a difference. Thank you for such a liberating course.”

MCNLP Participant 16