“I commenced my training in 1988 (dinosaur era!) and have nursed ever since in a multitude of settings. Within these years I’ve undertaken numerous certificate and short courses and can wholeheartedly say that this one has provided me with THE most support, encouragement and guidance I’ve ever had. Entering into an online setting was quite foreign and a little daunting, however with your assistance I’ve found it quite enjoyable, despite the challenges and look forward to exploring some more education later this year.

Thank you once again, you’ve made a huge difference!”

Graduate Student 12 in Immunisation for Health Practitioners

“As a cattle farmer and a hospital trained EN (1983) I was concerned about navigating this course online. I have never completed tertiary studies via University. I have attended many Education sessions over the years face to face. QLD TAFE provided a refresher course including Medication endorsement in 2002 via Distance Education, hard copy learning modules and workbooks. and placements at local hospitals. We only met up 2-3 times and a week in at TAFE for the Medication Course with Educators.

I found the outlay of the program easy to navigate and very self- explanatory. Having access to Zoom sessions, the Tea Room, Course Information Booklet and Announcements was great source of guidance.

The modules were laid out well and easy to transfer between the learning modules and resource material. There were probably easier ways to navigate these on the laptop but I did it my way! I enjoyed the quizzes and even though I got some questions wrong it was good to see the feedback showing the right answer. I did some quizzes more than once as even though I passed I was not satisfied with my results!

All in all I enjoyed all the Modules and I thank all the Educators, IT and ACN for providing this CPD.”

Student 04 in RN refresher

“I have completed the ACN government funded refresher program. I am sitting her with my certificate of achievement printed out before me. Thank you for this opportunity. It is valued very much by me.

I am very grateful as I do not know if I may be asked to go back on the floor in this COVID-19 climate. I can go now knowing that I at least have passed this and would only need to pick up the computerised medication and observation charting system. The course was very clear, informative and concise. The references were great. I would have liked more time to leisurely complete this but I am satisfied with what I have achieved in this last 3 weeks.”

Student 03 in RN refresher

“Thank you so much for allowing me to do the RN refresher program again hopefully now the second time I will be allowed to make a smooth transition back into the hospital sector without the clinical component which held me back two years ago, as they did not have the resources for me to do it at that time. It’s just a shame it’s taken a pandemic for this to be possible for nurses like me as well.

The course was great and I enjoyed updating, as many aspects had changed from the previous course and it will improve my current role in nursing before I leave for a new role. The ACN have been extremely supportive to me over the last few years, I am greatly appreciative and I just wanted you to know that I think you’re all amazing. Wishing you and all the team at ACN all the very best for the future. I hope all of us nurses will make a difference.”

Student 02 in RN refresher

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting all the information for the course up and running so smoothly. I can only imagine how flooded you were with enquiries and people wanting to get into [the course].

Happy to say I have just completed the course and downloaded my certificate. The information refresh was absolutely invaluable and hopefully I can put my knowledge to good use now.”

Student 01 in RN refresher

“I wanted to take an opportunity to send you a huge thank you for your support over the last year. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Neonatal Care course and cannot wait to use the knowledge I’ve gained to further my practice”

Student 01 in GC Neonatal care

“Thankyou so much for your feedback!

Finally, thankyou so very much for the time and sincerity you have put into the cohort for this term! You have single hand idly restored my self confidence and I am looking forward to more studies with ACN. It has been a very difficult 2 years for me personally due to dealing with members who have been gravely ill and friends who have passed away. I am not an academic, but I have grown so much professionally during this course and am truly grateful to co-coordinators such as yourself who have had a lot to do with that. Bless you and thankyou.”

(to Diva Madan, Nurse Educator)

Student 08 of Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing

“I’m writing this email to let you know that I have got registration with AHPRA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your colleagues for all your guidance and support. I’m very fortunate and privileged to be your student. Once again thank you so much for everything.”

– Rekha

Nursing Student in Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Bridging and Re-entry)

“It is amazing how much I have learnt this year and feel more confident in my workplace.”

Nursing Student in Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Nursing

“Hi Diva.

Thank you for making my studies so much easier with your information, support, and understanding. This is my last subject for Breast Cancer Nursing and I have really enjoyed the course.”

Student 07 of Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing