“Unit 055 has been extremely relevant to my clinical practice. I have been able to apply theory to practice, maintaining evidence best practice. I hope to use what I have learnt from this course to progress further in my studies and help improve health outcomes for older adults. The tutor was supportive and provided useful feedback to help improve my academic writing.”

Student 11 in GC Aged Care

“Thank you Diva and team for an informative and valuable learning experience.”

Student 10 in GC Aged Care

“I have enjoyed this unit (055) and Diva is a great tutor/facilitator.”

Student 09 in GC Aged Care

“My RN’s who have done the program are excelling in their role, so I am a huge advocate for it.
– Estia Healthcare, Executive Director (QLD)

Student 03 in Aged Care Transition to Practice

“The ‘Clinical issues in care of older person’ unit was well designed, it is relevant to current aged care practise. In depth information about care needs and how the care needs can be met. Very informative, the assessment made me think and reflect about my current practise.”

Student 08 in GC Aged Care

“The 038 Principles of acute care unit helped analyse my nursing practice and think about the interventions that I do and the reasoning behind them. I think it was well thought out and delivered.”

Graduate Student 02 in Acute Care

“The Principles of Acute Care was a well-run subject. A little more space between the larger assessments would have been nice. I love that you can save the themes to read offline. Especially helpful for those of us that are in regional areas with not so fantastic internet at times.”

Graduate Student 01 in Acute Care

“It has been a wonderful learning experience and I am able to use much of the relevant content within my practice. I have enjoyed my studies with ACN over the past 12 months very much and thank you all very much for your assistance.”

Nursing Student 04 in Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Nursing

“I have really enjoyed doing this Post Grad Certificate despite the challenging times. I had not studied for 20 years and now i actually feel ready to study further. I was lucky to get a commonwealth place, so at times studying has felt as if I have had to cram it all in alongside working full time. But, I have survived! Thank You all so much for your time and help, it has been appreciated when I have felt overwhelmed with it all.”

Nursing Student 03 in Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Nursing

“Thank you for everything this year Fran! You have been my non-stop guide and you have no idea how much you have relieved my stress. It has been an absolute god send to have you as my tutor throughout the year and I thank you whole heartedly.”

Graduate Student 07 in Paediatric Nursing Studies